Air Conditioning Crisis

Air Conditioning Crisis

Summer heat can be brutal, especially when you’re crammed into a small classroom. September 4th through September 6th were extremely hot days, with temperatures going over 90 degrees all three days. It felt like it was 100 degrees in Madison High School between the cramped classrooms and lack of a breeze, causing two half days in the first week of school.

The lack of air conditioning in the school is a huge problem, especially during the summer months. By the end of the day D hall and C hall feel like ovens, making it hard to concentrate in class due to the heat. The half days were so hot that Coach Lynott was passing out cold water to teachers, and many teachers were going to air-conditioned classrooms to get relief from the heat that they had to teach in through the whole day. Teaching a group of sweaty uncomfortable teenagers can’t be easy, especially in the heat we experienced last week.

Madison Dodger online interviewed freshman Grace DiRienzo who stated “it was so hot… not what I expected my first week of school to be like,”. DiRienzo also went on to say that she couldn’t believe that the school didn’t have air conditioning.

Rumors have surfaced saying that the school is too old for air conditioning, but no one seems to know why the school doesn’t have AC yet, especially with the fluctuating weather conditions taking place over the past few years.

Madison High School is gets extremely hot, and it doesn’t look like there will be air conditioning throughout the school, Maybe it’s not in the budget or the building isn’t capable of holding something with such a high voltage. Either way, students and faculty would be thrilled to see the change. Hopefully, it’s on the administration’s priority list.