State of the NFC East


The NFC East is undoubtedly the worst division with the Cowboys in 1st at 6-7, Eagles 6-7, Redskins at 3-10, Giants 2-11. The division boasts the worst combined winning percentage in the league, sitting at a mere 33%. the Dallas Cowboys are sitting in first place in the NFC East, a title equal to king of the stooges. The Cowboys have had a season full of many difficulties, starting off when Ezekiel Elliott was complaining about his pay and was potentially going to hold out, but an agreement was made. The other major issue is Head Coach Jason Garrett. The Cowboys have yet to beat a team with a record over .500%.  Cowboys fans are not happy with Garrett and they want him out, however Jerry Jones is refusing to fire Garrett during the season.    

While the Cowboys are awful, they are still 1st which says a lot about the rest of the division. The Giants and Redskins are arguably two of the worst teams in football. Both teams combine for a total record of 5-21, equating to a winning percentage of 24%, pretty terrible. The Eagles came back from being down 17-3 against the Giants to win 23-17 in overtime pushing them into a tie with the Cowboys atop the division at 6-7. 18 teams have a record of 6-7 or greater meaning that if they were in the same division they would be either tied for, or In 1st place.  The NFC East is a disgrace, with two teams rooting for draft position more than wins and the other two are trying to sneak into the playoffs. There have been jokes that the NFC East as a whole should be eliminated from Playoff competition, while it is a joke, it certainly would make for a much more interesting playoff picture, as the division winner is likely to be eliminated in the first round.