Fall Drama


The MHS fall drama is challenging theater conventions this week with its new play, Last Day of School. So what makes this play so innovative? It’s an interactive, multi-room walking style production. It takes viewers from their seats and has them walk through the school to different classrooms, which each serve as different “scenes”. This type of immersive theater dates back to the sixties and seventies, and is meant to transport viewers into the story. The show spans the entire school utilizing the Gym,Library, Cafeteria, Choir room, the little theater in G53, Auditorium, and both G and B halls.

The play recounts students’ experiences, primarily the seniors, on their last day at Rochester High School. Audience members will be split up into groups of 10-20 and guided through the halls to the different classrooms. Within each classroom is a “sub-story” involving two students (mostly seniors) experiencing the myriad of emotions typically felt prior to graduating. Some pairs are confronting the sadness of missed opportunities or the harsh realities of trying to maintain long-distance relationships. But if this sounds too sad, don’t worry! The director, Mr. Oswin, assured us that there is plenty of comedy.  “It’s a bittersweet comedy,” he said, “and all storylines will ultimately be resolved in a graduation ceremony for the last scene”. 

There are 4 opportunities to see this show. Both Friday and Thursday have 7 pm showings, and Saturday has two performances at 2 and 7 pm. The play is approximately 2.5 hours long, with a 15-minute intermission. The drama is directed by English teachers Mr. Oswin and Miss Radcliff. There are tickets still available, but Mr. Oswin warned that the showings have the chance to sell out. So if you were thinking about seeing the play, you should get your tickets soon.