Natalia Lafourcade – De Todas Las Flores


Sam Cohen, Staff Writer

Natalia Lafourcade – De Todas Las Flores

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Chamber Folk

Recommended for: Fans of Ichiko Aoba, fans of folk music and bossa nova

Looking back on all the amazing music released in 2022, I can say with confidence that Natalia Lafourcade’s De Todas Las Flores is the album of the year. Lafourcade is an extremely talented Mexican singer who has been releasing music for 20 years. As one of the most widely acclaimed Latin American artists, she has won multiple Grammy Awards and multiple Latin Grammy Awards. This is the second album that I have heard from her, and I am looking forward to hearing more. Previously, I had heard Hasta La Raíz, which is a much more upbeat work than De Todas Las Flores.

The first word I would use to describe this album is relaxing. As the guitar is softly strummed, Lafourcade’s talented singing shines through, the highlight of this album for me. The vocals work beautifully with the calming guitar melodies to create a wonderful soundscape. I am very partial toward softer vocals, and Lafourcade delivers them beautifully. When I first heard this album, the relaxing vocals reminded me of Ichiko Aoba, another folk artist who I highly recommend. 

De Todas Las Flores also delivers on the fronts of lyrics and instrumentals. Her songs deal with a variety of topics, from love to loneliness to heartbreak, and contain strong lyrics in Spanish. Even if you are unable to understand the lyrics, it is still an amazing work. Using just her voice and a guitar, Lafourcade is able to provide a beautiful and emotional experience with this project. These colorful songs are greatly influenced by samba and bossa nova, which can very easily be seen on the final tracks, “Canta la arena” and “Que te vaya bonito Nicolás” respectively.

The two tracks that stand out most to me are the opening track “Vine solita” (I came alone) and “Mi manera de querer” (My way of loving). Both tracks combine heartfelt lyrics with soothing guitars to create a calming atmosphere. These tracks do not stand out incredibly from such a great selection, but little things such as the different styles of vocalization push them to the forefront.

I listened to the album on a road trip, which perfectly encompasses this album’s sentiments. To me, the album gives the feeling of looking out a car window and admiring the scenery as you pass, deeply entranced by your inner thoughts. It is one of the more beautiful albums that I have heard, and I am glad that it was recommended to me. I am very excited to listen to more of Lafourcade’s music, and can safely say that she made one of the greatest albums of 2022.

Favorite Songs: Vine solita, Mi manera de querer

Least Favorite Songs: None

Rating: 9/10