dltzk – Frailty

Jacob Jordan, Staff Writer

Genre: Indietronica, Electronic

Recommended for: Fans of LCD Soundsystem, MGMT, and Kero Kero Bonito

Thoughts: Frailty, the newest project of Newark-based songwriter dltzk, is both unmistakably new and creative, with its blending of noisy riffs, glitches, and synths with subdued and grainy vocals. The album doesn’t sound exactly like anything I’ve heard before, but feels inspired by SoundCloud’s experimental electronic projects as well as pop nostalgia. For example, the excellent search party begins with dltzk singing slowly over a simple guitar melody before the guitar is transformed into a synthesizer lead backed by various sound effects and glitches. The singing eventually drops much lower in the mix and is eventually cut. kodak moment is possibly even better, with wilder and harsher synthesizer leans, sparkling effects, wild drums, and well-placed samples. The song conjures so many different beautiful images that it deserves its relatively long six-minute track length. Frailty is abrasive, quick, and cuts between sounds often, so it isn’t going to be for everyone, maybe not even for most people. But it’s a well-done record, and one of the most impressive records this year.

Favorite Songs: misplace, search party, kodak moment, let’s go home

Least Favorite Songs: champ

Rating: 9/10