Who is Audrey?

Who is Audrey?

Ronan McGinn, Broadcast Journalism

Audrey Crocco is a junior at Madison High School in Madison, NJ. Audrey was born in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. From an early age, Audrey loved art and describes herself as “extremely art inclined”. On top of art, she has a real interest in writing. She’s been featured in a handful of different magazines and has won some awards for her work. As well as writing and art, Audrey shows great interest in poetry. 

Being a new student, and only living in Madison for a month Audrey still is getting used to things around here. Moving from a completely different state is always difficult, especially as a high school junior. During my interview with her, Audrey mentioned  that she didn’t grow up in the best area and some of the surrounding towns were struck with lots of poverty. She gave me a greater understanding of what it is like to see some of your friends grow up in poverty. 

Audrey has always had interest and shown great skills in journalism and writing, so this class caught her eye right away. 

Audrey’s role model is Angelina Joelee. She looks up to Angelina because of her humanitarian efforts, as well as how often she travels to foreign countries to help out. She truly admires Angelina and how she is a selfless person. Angelina has donated countless dollars to different countries and those in need. 

After high school, Audrey wants to study in Manhattan. After she completes her studies, Audrey mentioned the possibility of traveling to the Middle East for a possible job in writing or journalism. 

Interviewing Audrey truly taught me a lot about how to improve my journalism skills as well as learning what it’s like to move into a completely new place and the challenges that come with that.