Politically Disgusted; A Short Explanation of Tribalism in Politics

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Midterms are right around the corner, and an abundance of ads against the opposing parties can be seen everywhere. Why do politicians focus more on sabotaging their opponent than showcasing their own campaign? With Democrats and Republicans more divided than ever, one has the right to ask; how did we get to this point? Here’s why.

“Loyalty to a particular tribe or group of which one is a member.” (Oxford English Dictionary)

Associating yourself with a political party evokes a sense of tribalism. Time and time again, I see both parties claim that their rivals run by “mob rule”, but both attempt to gain support through that very concept. Nothing gets people more heated than having someone to hate, and politics give people an entire group of “rivals” to attack. People strive to find a deeper purpose in life, and politics provides a purpose; to make America their country, not a country for all.

Let me ask you a question; have you ever seen a political leader that’s dispassionate about what they believe? Of course not, and the American people mimic those actions of passion. Passion is very important, but that energy can be perverted to distaste and anger for opposing viewpoints Don’t vote party, vote person.

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