Deadpool 2: End Credit Scene Explained

Madeleine McNamara

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The end credit scene of the new Deadpool 2, which hit theaters everywhere on Friday, May 18, may have been confusing to fans who had are not familiar with Reynolds’s past works or the Deadpool comic books.  So, here is the end credit scene, explained:

1. Negasonic fixed the time traveling device

At the end of the movie, Cable, an antihero from the future, uses his last chance of getting home to save Deadpool from death, resulting in the device being nonfunctional and forcing Cable to stay in the present time of the movie.  So, mutant, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, fixes the device and gives it to Deadpool, allowing him to travel back in time.

2. Deadpool saves Vanessa

Vanessa, Deadpool’s longtime girlfriend, dies at the beginning of the movie, only to be brought back by Deadpool using the time traveling device to save her during the end credit scene.  The writers of the movie confirmed that the events that happened in the movie are canon, or part of the universe, so Vanessa will most likely be back in the next Deadpool movie!

3. Deadpool Saves Peter

Although Peter seems to be a dorky nobody without superpowers, fans believe that he is actually Wisdom, a mutant with the “ability to absorb solar radiation, then throw “hot knives” at people” (  So, saving Peter from death in the end credit scene alludes to him possibly being the villain in the next movie.

4. Deadpool kills Deadpool from Wolverine: X-Men Origins

The character Deadpool hit an all time low in Wolverine: X-Men Origins, when the assassin becomes a hybrid of powerful mutants and dies at the hands of Wolverine.  The movie received criticism of the character because it did not stay true to the Deadpool fans had grown to love in the comic books. So, going to the movie and killing that Deadpool was a reference to fans that had seen the movie.

5. Deadpool kills Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, previous to playing Deadpool, played Green Lantern in a terrible adaptation, featuring a CGI suit and a bad plot.  The movie did not do well and received harsh criticism from die-hard Green Lantern fans. Once Reynolds receives the script, Deadpool shoots him in the head, signaling that the actor himself regrets starring the the movie.