Twisted Left and Right: The Dangers of Radical Political Bias

America is twisted left and right, with its own people stuck in the middle. With the recent Russian Dossier released, both Democrats and Republicans took a one-sided view of what this means for the US, placing their parties before the good of the American people. The left claims that the release of the dossier was to only undermine the Russia Trump investigation, while the right claims that the FBI was corrupt in their investigation of Trump, and the Russia hysteria was set up by Democrats. Both sides refuse to take different viewpoints on current affairs, and as a result we have become more divided than ever. While politicians fight their own battles on Capitol Hill, the curious America is left with newsrooms that portray radically biased information that takes facts and twist them into a one-sided story that only covers concepts and events that work in their favor. We see it all the time, and a prime example would be the night and day differences between CNN and FOX.

Take a moment to open up two taps on your browser. Search up CNN on one, and FOX News on the other. What do you see? Look on CNN, and you see that the release of the dossier was to make Americans lose faith in the FBI and to distract viewers from the Russian investigation. Look on FOX News, and you see a denial of any sort of significant connection of Trump to Russia and possible bias in the FBI which impacted Trump negatively. You don’t have two stories covering the same thing; you have two completely different ones looking at the things they only want to see. Although there was a meeting Donald Trump Jr had with Russian lawyers, there is no concrete evidence linked to President Trump. It is very likely that he knew what was going on that day (as it took place in his building on the 25th floor), but what treason was committed can only be inferred. The dossier does showcase the FBI using suspicious methods to gather information on the investigation. The dossier was paid for by GPS Fusion, who was hired by the Clinton Foundation to find dirt on Trump. On the other hand, the rushed methods used to get the dossier out to the public decreased it’s reliability, and to an extent it is a distraction fueled by the right.

This is what happens when you can’t take other ideas into consideration. You have a once Russia-Trump investigation turn into a mess, you have a government shutdown on a discussion ignored for years, and, worst of all, you have the American people misled and lied to. Political bias is ok, but not to the extent where it twist facts and makes a story one-sided.