Bottle Hill Day Brings Residents of Madison Together Once Again


Alex Gonzalez

One of the many vendor stands at Bottle Hill Day

On October 7th, the town of Madison came together yet again to celebrate Bottle Hill Day. Bottle Hill Day, named after Madison’s original establishment called “Bottle Hill”, annually celebrates Madison’s small and loving community. Every year dozens of booths and stands are set up all across Madison on this special day, including a dunk tank, amusement rides, a beer garden, multiple music events and much more.

Last Saturday, MDO and MDTV teamed up to capture the event, interviewing residents of Madison who attended, asking them some general questions about the booths, Bottle Hill Day, and Madison as a whole.

Evelyn Hopler,  Salvation Army representative, teamed up with the Rotary Club of Madison, an organization also aiming to end hunger, to bring awareness to the issue. They aim to “raise money for the Puerto Rico disaster.”

Aside from vendors and charitable organizations, many community members attended the event as well, including Monsignor George Hundt, the pastor of St. Vincent’s.  He praised the event, explaining, “I think what [Bottle Hill Day] does is brings everyone together from different backgrounds, different religions and ways of believing and it creates a community. It’s all about community and being connected.”

Some members of the community have been attending Bottle Hill Day for over twenty years, such as fifth grade teacher Pat O’Brien. “I just love Madison,” O’Brien says.

This event has been a part of Madison and its residents for a long time and hopefully will remain as such for many years to come.