New Season of Wrestling

Luke Sherman, Staff Writer

The next season of high school wrestling is upon Madison, and teams across the state are preparing for a new challenge. With new challenges comes new wrestlers – and this year, there’s plenty. A large group of freshman and juniors have diversified the Madison wrestling team’s weight classes, and their knowledge of the sport may give them an edge in the competitions. Led by coach Mike Goodwin, Madison is hoping for an even better season than last year’s 12-8 record. 

Wrestling has long been in the shadow of other high school sports, but athletes like senior Thomas Packie are hoping to change that. His idea for a more prominent wrestling scene in Madison would include introducing wrestling at younger ages and increasing attendance from students at matches. Having that support from the community would increase player morale and would enliven the sense of competition present at matches.

Packie is one of many seniors who are participating in their last season as high schoolers. Others include Jayson Candelario and Carlos Dominguez, who are putting in their best efforts to make their last season great. They’ve stated how Coach Goodwin has been extremely supportive of their goals. Candelario is hoping to improve his speed and make weight, while Dominguez wants to work on his overall wrestling and mental state. He’s hoping to place in states this year. 

But to accomplish these goals, a wrestler needs both training and discipline. The process of making weight involves strict guidelines of eating healthier and drinking lots of water along with lots of cardio. Each athlete learns what their favorite part of training is through these challenges. Packie is fond of drilling during practice, while Candelario likes live wrestling with his friends, and Dominguez prefers the water breaks. 

This could only be possible with the support of coaches and parents, who help athletes succeed on and off the mat. With the help of these key individuals, wrestlers can conquer their fears and work through their struggles. Especially after injuries, coaches like Mike Goodwin and parents are always there to help their kids. They act as guides, and will be crucial in this upcoming season. Their actions will help decide how well Madison does this year. 

This new season is looking very promising for the Madison wrestling team, and there’s no better time to become a fan. Talented wrestlers and dedicated coaches are competing at their highest level, with some up-and-coming wrestlers ready to take on the challenge. Kicking off the season in Dover on Saturday, December 17th, Madison will be facing off against a multitude of other schools. Whether you are a wrestler or a fan, this season’s excitement and glory is not worth missing out on.