Start of the Bowling Season

Mark Su, Staff Writer

At media day with the bowling team, speakers Will Forrester and others expressed their ambitions and motivation for joining the team. Many players are attracted by the thrill of the game without having to invest significant amounts of physical effort. Most players started off their bowling careers in casual matches with friends on Friday nights. These types of activities eventually led to their participation in the team. Although the team isn’t as successful and intense as many other sports here at MHS, the bowling team hopes to move the entire program forward through their constant participation and attendance. However, they are keeping their goals realistic. Even though they know they can’t win every game they participate in, they are confident that they can achieve one or two victories during the season to help boost morale and general school spirit. 

The bowling team practices at Rockaway three days a week but never on Fridays or weekends. Surprisingly, they have more games than practices which makes their season incredibly competitive. So far the bowling team has had a rough start, taking three tough losses on December 6, 8, and 13 against Montville, Delbarton, and Morris Knolls, respectively. Their next game is on January 3 against Chatham, followed by a January 4 game against Morris Tech, and another against Chatham on January 24. Although their season has begun with a rough start, the whole team is still in high spirits and determined to bring home at least one dub. Only the beginning portion of the season has passed, giving plenty of time and opportunities for every player and the team as a whole to achieve their goals.