Field Hockey: Senior Spotlight

Emily Jones, Staff Writer

With field hockey nearing the end of its season, it’s important to recognize the role models and leaders of the team. The seniors of the team are as follows: Shayne Carfano, Sophia Fee, Chloe Niceberg, Jenna Powers, and Hope Reilly. The girls’ commitment and dedication to the sport is recognized and thanked by their teammates and coaches. Without them, the success they’ve reached this season would not have been possible. The seniors approach the end of their final season on the Madison Field Hockey team on a high note, with many victories, team dinners, and close bonds to look back on.

With so much of their high school experience involving field hockey, it’s a no-brainer why the girls got so close. Over the past few years, the girls have trained for hours at a time, most days a week for a portion of the summer season and for the full duration of the fall season. As the season progresses, the team’s bond is strengthened, in part because of the seniors’ leadership and support offered to the underclassmen of their team. This bond, however, makes the seniors’ final season all the more emotional.

Apart from the seniors’ impact on the team off the field, their training and skills from over the years lead their team to victory on the field. In total, the seniors have accumulated an estimated total of 24 goals for Madison, approximately 12 assists, and 13 saves accredited to Hope Reilly, field hockey’s designated goalie. Their persistence in training, games, and drive sets an example for the underclassmen which is vital to the team’s success. The seniors’ contributions to the team for the past four years, whether through leadership, guidance or dedication, have ultimately brought the team closer together and will make for a sentimental farewell once the season reaches its end.