Jon Jones Solidifies his Legacy as the UFC G.O.A.T.

 In the last 10 years in the UFC world, Jon Jones has not only demolished his opponents, but solidified himself as the greatest martial artist fighter of all-time. Jones’ all time-record is 27-1. His only loss came from a disqualification.

On Saturday March 4th, Jon Jones moved up to the Heavyweight division, this time after securing the belt in the Light Heavyweight division. He had to fight the heavyweight champion, Ciryl Gane. The only concern going into the fight was that Jones had not fought in 3 years because he has tested positive for recreational substances. Before this fight, Jon Jones needed to gain over 30 pounds to fight for the heavyweight belt.

           Even with not fighting for 3 years, he didn’t look rusty at all and proved how he still is the best in the world.  Pundits agreed he was the favorite, before the fight, the betting line was set at  -170 (risking $170 to win $100), while Gane was at +145. Even though he hadn’t fought in three years, he was still the favorite. This just proves how good he really is and how he is viewed by other people. Needless to say the people that placed bets on Jones on Saturday night, made the right decision.

As the fight started, Gane got a few punches in, but was no match for Jones. As Jones wrestled Gane to the ground, Jones had full control of the fight. Jones is most famous for his vicious kicks and wrestling. Where Gane is famous for his inability to wrestle like Jones. As Jones got control of Gane, he put him a choke hold. Everyone knew right away it was over. Gane tapped out and Jones rightfully won the heavyweight belt and certified himself as the Greatest Of All Time. He submitted him in round 1 at 2:04. 

We interviewed students about the fight and everyone agreed that Jones is the best ever. We started with the biggest Jon Jones fanatic in the school and arguably the biggest in the world. Billy Lamonte stated that, “He is the greatest of all time and there’s absolutely zero debate. He is Ciryl Gane’s daddy and submitted him with ease.” He also states how he has one of the best title defenses ever and now he has two weight division belts. “Jones is the best, he has so many title defenses and has two weight division champions. Yeah, GOAT.”

Speaking of title defenses, Jones is in the top three for most title defenses ever, standing at 11. When you look at Jones’ legacy and his accomplishments, they speak for themselves. Two weight division belts and 11 title defenses. Not many people have a better resume especially when you consider everything that he’s been through. Is it even an argument anymore? Jones may just be the Greatest Of All Time.