It’s Called Soccer

Michael Keller, Broadcast Journalism

Every four years, the focus of the American people is drawn to soccer. But is this cycle growing the country’s love for the sport overall?

According to UVA expert in history and soccer, G. Edward White, “the sport is “now the fourth-most popular sport in the United States in terms of participation [behind football, baseball and basketball].” 

More and more opportunities are appearing for those who wish to play soccer. This growth is seen at the high school and college level. Boys soccer increased by 17% and the girls participation increased by 10% in the last few years, according to the history of soccer website.

This growth has allowed the professional scene to prosper as well. MLS, or Major League Soccer, is the American professional league. MLS “hosted more than 10 million fans during the 2022 regular season, marking the highest ticket revenue clubs have ever generated,” according to Front Office Sports.

Clearly there is a growing demand for soccer as a whole in the country. Much of this is thanks to the country’s success on the world stage. The United States Women’s National Team has found great success in the last few years and the Men’s National Team has upset multiple opponents to stay in the world cup this year. This success certainly has an impact on the American people as they follow our team’s journeys.

Soccer is definitely under the spotlight right now in the United States. The men’s group stage match brought in over 11 million viewers. Although it’s never been our “favorite” sport in the US, soccer seems to be growing in our hearts.