The Bagel Nosh

Ronan McGinn, Broadcast Journalism

Are you looking for a new bagel place in the Madison area? I was, and I discovered The Bagel Nosh. After discovering the newly added bagel place, I decided I’d give it a shot. 

As soon as you walk in, the atmosphere inside is extremely friendly. The place itself is extremely organized and easy to access. There’s a variety of options such as your usual delicatessens ranging all the way to breakfast. 

My first time trying The Bagel Nosh I ordered my favorite breakfast sandwich. A taylor ham, egg and cheese on a plain toasted bagel with a hash brown and salt , pepper and ketchup. In my book, that is the all time best breakfast sandwich. All in all, the sandwich was good, the sandwich was made neatly and the texture was definitely what I wanted. 

One of the few flaws I found in the food was the bagel. I hoped for a better bagel. In my opinion, if a bagel is in your restaurant’s name, your bagel should be top tier. The bagel definitely needs some work. 

The ham, eggs and cheese were extremely good and almost completely made up for the sub-par bagel. The ham and eggs were very well cooked and you could almost immediately tell that they are serious about the quality and making of their food. 

A very underrated part of rating a bagel place is the drink options.  The drinks at the Bagel Nosh are absolutely everything you need from a bagel place. The options range from water, to Nesquik, to Gatorade, to my all time favorite bagel place beverage, Joe’s Iced Tea. The drink options can be almost a make or break when trying a bagel place for the first time .  

For me, when ranking a new near-by bagel place, the question that comes into play is, is it better than Bagel Chateau? Although it has a not so great bagel, Bagel Chateau has been the staple of bagel places in Madison for a very long time. My answer to this question would honestly be no. However, it is closer than I expected. With Bagel Chateau, you know what you are going to get at all times, its consistency is almost unmatched. With The Bagel Nosh, after only going there a few times, I still cannot put it above the Bagel Chateau yet. In the bagel department and excluding breakfast sandwiches, I would have to say the Bagel Nosh has a better bagel. Both however, need some work in that area.  

My all around score for the Bagel Nosh would be a 7.0/10. My reasoning behind this is even with a sub par bagel, it still reached and actually beat some of my expectations. I would definitely recommend it as the actual shop itself is very nice and it is an all around positive experience.