Department of Energy Reports Possible Origin of Covid, Chinese Leak?

In recent days the US Department of Energy reported that the infamous Covid-19 virus possibly leaked from a Chinese lab in Wuhan. It should be noted that this report was given a “low confidence” rating by the DOE. As the name implies “low confidence” means that the report is not entirely certain.

The report clarifies that the leak (if at all) was accidental and that Covid-19 is not a bioweapon. Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor, told CNN the intelligence community remains divided on origin. He then said that Joe Biden has allocated resources in determining the answers.

Republicans in Congress, mainly Mike McCaul, representing Texas, and of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, are happy with the development, as it fits some of their original theories. McCaul previously stated covid-19 was the “worst cover up in human history” in 2021. He now says that the US and its allies should hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable. Others have requested briefings on this very topic since the outbreak. Republican senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska is asking for a public disclosures by the DOE.


Justen Morales

The Chinese government did not take the news lightly. Mao Ning, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated “Relevant parties should stop stirring up the arguments about laboratory leaks, stop smearing China, and stop politicizing the origins of Covid”. She later paraphrased the joint Chinese and World Health Organization investigation into the origins of Covid. Their investigation conclusion revealed that it was “highly unlikely” that it was a lab leak.

As stated before, this report is marked with “low confidence” and the US intelligence community is still divided on the issue. Further evidence is clearly needed to ascertain the true answer.