Ronan McGinn and His Business


Madison football team huddles before a play on September 11th.

Ronan McGinn was born September 1st, 2004 and attends Madison High School in his senior year. Ronan’s first dream growing up was to be a professional baseball player, but throughout the process of maturing, Ronan had found himself pursuing the business side of sports. 

Ronan’s career inspiration originated from his family, more specifically his mom. 

“Since I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten into the business side of sports, so I wanted to be a sports agent. My mom and whole family all work in sports. My mom is a sports agent and my uncle works in the NBA,” said Ronan McGinn. His mother’s more specific position is handling “her own PR and agency, as an agent you represent athletes and handle their business get them endorsements and contracts.” Surely, this home influence inspired and resonated within Ronan to want to handle his own business. His mother as his inspiration, Ronan states that the side of sports business that his mother handles is “the side of sports business I want to follow.” 

Additionally, Ronan has a good grasp on the steps he’ll take for his career. He stated in the interview, 

“I wanna get my start in sports by working for a college sports team so I wanna go to a big school with good athletics, with division 1 athletics so I can start working for that, because that’s how my mom got their start in sports” Ronan getting involved with the family business surely is an intelligent career path because not only did his family’s career pattern introduce him to sports career opportunities but they also provided Ronan with the connections, exposure and knowledge to succeed as an agent with his applied dedication. 

Ronan’s personal schedule consists of attending his high school classes, his daily football practices, compilation of homework and assignments, and sometimes he assists with his football coaches work. Ronan’s dedication towards making himself present in sports persists through helping his coaches with clinics and camps and just generally working under one coach.  

Ronan is a well put together intelligent individual in terms of his career work and outside of that too. He takes electives like broadcast journalism, debate, current affairs, history in Hollywood and forensics out of pure interest. Ronan’s interest in these classes exhibit his inquisitive personality, Ronan responded, asking why he decided on such difficult electives in his senior year with, “I have always loved film and movies and I think there is a lot to learn about a lot of different movies, I like to look at movies in ways I haven’t before. Forensics is just generally interesting, whereas with debate I think that skill is just really useful once you learn how to do it you”

This individual will surely grow up to enhance the sports business world with his clever work ethic, just like his relatives and successors have.