The Many Opinions of Mehki


Kyra Makowsky

MHS seniors show their spirit at the Fall Pep Rally

Jenna Powers, Broadcast Journalism

As I talked to a fellow MHS Senior, Mehki Crump, I had asked him his take on multiple school subjects. One of them being what he does not like about the school. His answer was very eye opening. He has said that the thing he does not like about school is “it annoys me that the school has a stigma around being ‘the perfect student’ and I feel as though they reward people who aren’t actually good figures in the school but who achieve the most academically”. This point that Mehki made is thought by many other students at the high school, but that does not make them dislike the school at all. 

As the year comes to a start that means so does sport games. This includes football. Madison is very big with school spirit and so is Mehki. He had said that he enjoys watching all sports if he understands it and that school spirit is very important to him as he tries to encourage his friends and peers with any change he gets. He enjoys watching his friends work towards their goals and achieving them. Mehki can be described as a very outgoing person. He has said that he ‘enjoys anything revolving around interacting with people” since he has a very good ability to talk and relate to all people. Mehki loves spending time with his friends and family along with getting to know new people.

Lastly, here at Madison seniors have an open campus during free periods. The other grades do not get this privilege. Along with having an open campus, being a senior comes with many new freedoms and Mehki believes that in the other three years there was little freedom. Despite the little freedom, Mehkis favorite years at the high school were a tie between sophomore and junior year as he believed that is when he made the most self improvements. High school includes a lot of changes and improvements that everyone experiences.