Scotty Spelker Looks Forward to Enjoying His Last Season of Football.


Sean Dowling

Coach Kubik talks to the football team after their win against Lenape Valley

Danny Geier, Broadcast Journalism

“I can’t believe it’s all coming to an end” says Scotty Spelker. As Scotty Spelker is a senior at Madison High School this season is his very last. Scotty has been playing football since flag and he started playing tackle football in 3rd grade, which is the first year of tackle in the Madison program. Scotty comes from at football family; his father and two brothers have played football as well. Scotty’s father also coaches the 8th grade football team in the Madison program. 

Scotty did not think it was strange to be coached by his dad during his 8th grade season saying, “Honestly not as weird as I thought it would be because like once you’re out on the field he’s just coaching and not my dad anymore.” Scotty’s teams before 8th grade were not great, but his team in 8th grade went 7-2 turning the corner before high school. 

Once Scotty got to high school he already started seeing football success as a freshman with his team going 7-1. Scotty was a key player on his 8th and Freshman year teams by playing corner. Scotty plays defense only. When Scotty got up to playing at the Varsity level his Sophomore year it was a new game for him. Scotty was playing under a new coach Chris Kubik who had coached both his brothers. Being an underclassmen Scotty like most underclassmen for their Sophomore and Junior seasons did not see the field as much as he used to. Scotty worked hard this offseason in the weight room so he could get on the field for his senior year. 

Now we are in Scotty’s senior season and he is getting more playing time. Scotty has switched his defensive position to Safety which is just like corner except he is in the middle of the field instead of the end. Scotty is also on multiple special teams this year. He is on punt return and extra point block. When he was asked about them he said “Punt return is pretty fun you know you get to go out there and hit people. Extra point block is not as fun. I only get to see any action if they run a fake.” On Punt return Scotty’s job is to block the person charging the returner and on extra point block his job is if they run a fake instead of kicking it make sure the ball does not get in the endzone. Madison quarterback Brayton Boyer was asked about Scotty’s season so far he responded with “He has had a really good season. He plays really well on special teams, plays hard, plays really tough, he has made a couple tackles and he’s helped us”. Scotty does not have any personal goals but he does have one team goal. “Don’t really have any personal goals but I know everyone on the team has the same goal play in Metlife in December.” Scotty said about being asked about this season. Scotty now just wants to win and