Jenna Powers- Senior Insider


The Madison Field Hockey Team celebrates their 1-0 win over Shore Regional in the State Sectional Finals.

Maeve Doherty, Broadcast Journalism

As her senior year starts, Jenna Powers explains her favorite things as well as how Madison High School has treated her. She is going to let us in on being a typical senior and what she will be doing as her high school years come to an end.

With senior year starting and nothing new so far happening, Jenna talks about how excited she is for new student privileges that gives her freedom. She will be doing the same joyful activities she will be doing with friends as if it were any other year, “My senior year has been very good so far and I’m so relived with senior privilege we get to leave for lunch”. 

A new season of field hockey is starting for Jenna and she has a positive outlook for one of her favorite sports. Throughout high school she has played left midfield and also started playing ice hockey which for the sport she plays left wing and plans to continue playing for her last year. She also did gymnastics up until last October which ended abruptly from a car accident in April. The outcome left her with a broken elbow but not a broken spirit.

She stayed in bed recuperating while watching movies. It slowed down her rhythm but she is close with her family and friends who gave her unconditional support. She didn’t give up because she returned to gymnastics with her friends. She expects great achievements to happen this year as well as looking for the right college for her future.