Brayton Boyer is (Quarter) Back!

Ben Preston, Broadcast Journalism

In American football, the quarterback is the leader of the offensive line and often represents the success of the team. This position, therefore, requires a skilled leader who can motivate his team when they need it most. Brayton Boyer, a senior at Madison High School, is the current quarterback of the Madison Football team and was able to reflect on his leadership skills in a recent interview.

Brayton first started his football career six years ago as a linebacker. He would quickly work his way up in the eyes of his teammates and coaches, becoming a quarterback at age 14 while playing on the freshman team. There, he led the Dodgers in a nearly undefeated season, only losing to Newton in their final match, completing their 7-1 record. In his senior season, Boyer has started the Dodgers off strong with a 42-7 win against Verona and a 16-14 win against Hanover Park. Looking at the season ahead, Boyer is ready for matchups against Mountain Lakes and Caldwell, two teams that have historically challenged the Dodgers.

Boyer finds playing good football, by making clean and well thought out plays, to be the most rewarding aspect of the sport. He also recalls good times in the locker room with his teammate after hard-fought victories.

Boyer says his experiences on the football team have made him more confident all around, but it took time to build up. As Boyer immersed himself in the team, he built a strong relationship with his teammates. Boyer shared, “as long as [the team] trusts you, you can trust yourself.” This confidence has helped Boyer remain calm in tense situations, helping him make the right decisions at the right time.

When asked about Boyer’s leadership capabilities, teammate George Csatlos said “at times he really knows what to say, to let everyone know what they need to focus on and what needs to get done.” Teammate Scott Spelker agreed with this statement, saying “he is a great quarterback and a great captain for the team. He can really do it all.”

Boyer has many fond memories of playing football for the Dodgers. After six years, he feels he has developed a great relationship with teammates and greatly improved his leadership abilities. Brayton hopes to apply those skills later in life, one day hoping to pursue a career in the field of business.