Many Colors of Marshall


Madison Marching Dodger Seniors

Rileigh Baggett, Broadcast Journalism

Marshall Molina was born November 7th 2006, making them a returning junior here at Madison High School. Before moving into the Madison School system in 7th grade, Marshall and their family lived in Long Branch, New Jersey. Marshall describes life in Madison as much higher quality than in Long Branch. This is because of the seemingly better friends, better environment, and a much better school system. Marshall is happy with the move their family made and likes living in Madison. 

To pass their time Marshall enjoys watching animation, playing video games (although they claim they are horrible at them), and cooking with friends. I wanted to further know Marshall so I asked Sage, one of Marshall’s close friends about the more personal side of Marshall, and Sage couldn’t have had more positive things to say. Sage said, “Marshall Molina is a hard-working, good natured, high spirited person who I’m glad to know has my and anyone else’s back no matter if it’s day, night, dawn, dusk, noon, or afternoon. I’m sincerely blessed to have them as such a friend and cooking companion.” 

The most time consuming hobby of Marshall’s is color guard. Color Guard at Madison is highly competitive and they are an impressive and decorated group. After talking with Marshall I learned about the strenuous time and dedication that goes into the production of the color guard. Personal practices are Monday and Thursdays, school practices are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and an additional sectional or personal practice on Fridays. Each practice can range anywhere from 1-3 hours for non-official, and 4-6 hours for official. The team performs on Saturdays either at the high school football games or marching band competitions. Each summer, in preparation for the upcoming season, participants in the color guard sign up for a week-long band camp. Camp is a laboring 12 hours a day where they continuously practice routines, movements, and anything else to make sure the group is ready for the season. 

Although Marshall is a diverse individual with cool style, an interest in sociology, and a master of making stir fried udon, I chose to focus on the aspect of their life involving color guard. The reason so is because Marshall pointed out that color guard became a good outlook for them and instilled discipline that can further be used for the rest of their lives. Not to mention after a practice or performance Marshall feels accomplished and proud of what they have just done.