The GSA’s latest project: the Day of Silence

Lee Borcherding, Broadcast Journalism

On April 8, 2022, Madison High School’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance club (GSA) hosted the Day of Silence, an event where students participating are forbidden to speak for an entire school day.

The event was organized by the leaders of the GSA, Ms. O’Brien and Mr. Helwani, as well as a number of its members. Registration was open to all Madison High School students, and its participants consisted of LGBTQ individuals as well as allies of the LGBTQ community. 

Teachers and staff also registered for the Day of Silence. While they spoke to teach their lessons, they stood in solidarity with the GSA and students participating.

On the morning of April 8th, students participating received a rainbow pin as a symbol of their silence. They would then keep the silence from the beginning till the end of the school day. At 2:00 PM, all of the participants met in the courtyard in order to “break their silence.” It was followed by cake, caprisuns, and other festivities. 

The Day of Silence was an attempt for Madison High School to address the discrimination against LGBTQ youth. Many of these individuals are forced into silence out of fear of harassment or judgment for their identity. With many students participating in this silence, it hoped to share and understand this experience.

The GSA considered the event a huge success. “We had a wonderfully large turnout of people from both MHS students and staff,” Ms. O’Brien commented. “It truly was a great day to honor LGBTQ+ people!”


Celeste Arbelaez