Hasbulla has Gone Viral for the Wrong Reasons


Some of you may know the viral social media star Hasbulla Megomedov from all of his famous videos and posts, but he has recently gone viral for a different reason. 

The 20 year old 3 foot 3 inch Russian social media personality and music producer was arrested last week for a violation of traffic laws and disturbing public order. Hasbulla and his acquaintances were arrested and charged in his native Republic of Dagestan. Russian officials claim that he and the drivers were interfering with other drivers and were celebrating a wedding that disrupted the others on the road.  Although Hasbulla himself wasn’t driving, he was pictured in multiple videos being inside of the cars and encouraging their stunts. 

After release, Hasbulla broke the silence by claiming “Not my car, I wasn’t behind the wheel.” (AS News) But then followed that statement by apologizing and saying, “Something like this won’t happen again, people, apologies” (AS News).

DailyMail UK writes that Hasbulla was arrested for car stunts and blocking the road. According to this source, Hasbulla and his friends have received numerous citations for their actions. 

Hasbulla went viral for his toddler-like appearance, although he is almost 21 years old. Hasbulla suffers from Growth Hormone deficiency called Dwarfism which is a genetic disorder that occurs when there aren’t enough growth hormones in the body. Although it can be physically challenging, Hasbulla went viral because he chooses to embody his figure and performs stunts based upon his height.

Hasbulla appears to have taken responsibility for his actions and has since moved on from his arrest.