Euphoria hits the mark on Gen-Z T.V.

If you haven’t seen HBO Max’s Euphoria, you’re missing out on one of the most revolutionary and talked about T.V. shows at the moment.

With a focus intensely on drug abuse and discovering your identity and sexuality, Euphoria is unlike any teen-show seen before. Although these topics have been focused on before in teen shows like All American and Ginny and Georgia, Euphoria is able to take viewers right into Southern California alongside the characters capturing the viewer like no other show.

 Right off the bat, Euphoria shows its originality with its wide variety of cast members. Emmy winning Zendaya (Rue) has broken records of becoming the youngest woman to win best actress in a drama series due to her Euphoria season one performance. In addition to her, is the beloved Jacob Elordi (Nate) who has starred in The Kissing Booth 1,2, and 3. Moving onto lesser-known, but relevant actresses, the show features Sydney Sweeney (Cassie), Alexa Demie (Maddy), and Maude Aptow (Lexi). Finally, the audience is introduced to actors/actresses who are making their debut through Euphoria like Angus Cloud (Fez) and many side characters like Faye, played by Chloe Cherry, and the fan favorite, BB, played by Sophia Rose Wilson.

This spectrum of actors and actresses is a major factor as to why the world, specifically Gen-Z, can’t get enough of Euphoria. If the majority of the stars in the show were A-list actors, much of Gen-Z may have rejected Euphoria because it could seem as though these A-list actors were trying too hard to be “P.C.” or made the show “cringey.” This reaction might have occurred because with such famous celebrities playing such troubled teenagers, some viewers could have a hard time overlooking the actor and struggle to relate to the character because teens could believe that these celebrities could never have similar problems or feelings to themselves. 

Gen-Z is constantly breaking gender norms and combating society’s restrictive expectations on sexuality and Euphoria is definitely in on that fight. Euphoria is very open and progressive about sexuality. The main character Rue is a part of the LGBTQ+ community, along with Jules, another primary character, who is transgender. Euphoria displays open discussions between characters about how sexuality is a wide spectrum and that labels are not always necessary. However, the show does not blanket how hard these discussions can be. In fact, through characters Nate Jacobs and Cal Jacobs, Euphoria highlights the struggle and pain felt when teenagers and adults are closeted and are living a double life.

Makeup and fashion are huge roles in Euphoria’s character and plot developments. Euphoria covers almost all Gen-Z fashion trends with different characters. Rue’s look is very street-comfy-vintage with an Urban Outfitters feel and Zendaya admitted Rue wears Zendaya’s personal converse because they are already beaten up and fit with Rue’s style. Rue wears virtually no make-up, for she is constantly preoccupied with her drug addiction. Cassie wears girly and feminine colors with lots of pink and light blue dresses,  usually paired with light-colored, glittery eye makeup and the occasional press on jewel. Maddy, on the other hand, is a stark contrast to Cassie. She’s almost always dressed in dark colors with an edgy style and always has strong, fierce eyeliner. The juxtaposition between the two best friends highlights Maddy’s confident tell-it-how-it-is personality, compared to Cassie who is insecure and anxious. With so many more social media jobs and jobs related make-up and fashion available for Gen-Z, all of which are relevant in the show, the attraction between Euphoria and Gen-Z is insurmountable. 

Euphoria is an inspiring and emotional show that has exceeded and raised the standards of Gen-Z T.V. Through its versatile cast, inclusive sexuality views, and pop-culture fashion and makeup, Euphoria has worked to become a top Gen-Z T.V. show. So, if you aren’t already up-to-date with HBO Max’s Euphoria, the next time you’re staying in for a Friday night with friends or cuddled up on a lazy Sunday day, check out Euphoria. But be warned that you will likely get hooked and be waiting in suspense for the next episode to release on Sundays at 9 PM like the rest of us.