National Signing Day at Madison High School

Shane Heskett


Luke Griffe

This year Madison High School has 2 D-1 committed students. Both students will be participating in National Signing Day, which is when the athlete officially commits to the school via signature. The first student signing is Chase Cmaylo. She participated in varsity Field Hockey the past 3 years and has shown her exceptional skill and ability to play at a high level throughout. Chase finished off her Senior season with 15 goals and 8 assists as well as 2 overtime game-winning goals. She gave the Dodgers a speedy offensive front, and will be missed dearly. She will be officially committing to Colgate University in Madison County, New York.  Cmaylo said in an interview with MDO, “It feels like all of my hard work has paid off.” The second athlete that will be signing is Clare Culligan. Culligan played varsity lacrosse all 4 years during her time at Madison and has more than proven herself. Clare will be committing to Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. In an interview with Clare at the signing event, she elaborated on her recruitment for our MDO correspondent, saying “it’s been a long process, and im glad that my hardwork has finally paid off.”

This is the fifteenth consecutive year that there has been a National Signing Day at Madison High School. Last year Madison High School had 6 Division I Athletes. Leah Rutland committed to Bucknell for Girl’s Lacrosse. Fellow teammate Lauren Kaye committed to Boston University. From the Field Hockey team Isabella Fragomeni committed to Old Dominion and Kerri Mcclay committed to the University of Delaware. Laurel Carey committed to Bryant University for Swimming. Will Hart went to West Point to continue his Baseball career. Madison is incredibly proud of MHS’s tradition of producing college level athletes and Madison is proud of Clare and Chase for continuing the tradition. Congratulations to Chase and Clare!