‘Fake’ People

Dear Sam,

Many people in our school are being fake and not actually treating people like they should be treated. They are making people feel bad and it makes people think twice about being friends with them. Is calling them out on their actions a good idea or should I just let them go be fake to everyone else until the school or someone else goes after them?

From IconQueen


Dear IconQueen,

I totally get how you feel! Highschool is a tough time with friends, everyone is dealing with hormones, schoolwork, things at home, and than parties and experimenting come into the mix and it’s definitely hard. I know it seems like people are acting “fake” but keep in mind that we do not always know what others are dealing with.They could be struggling with confidence, jealous, and not happy. They are just as confused as you are. Not everyone in our school is “fake” either,  you have to find a friend or a bunch of friends who understand and you can trust. If I were you I would not do anything, it’s best to take a step back and view the bigger picture. In a few years you’ll look back and wonder why you wasted time on people that you felt were “fake”, it’s best to find your happiness and focus on that rather than dwell on negativity and people you feel are not true to themselves or others. Stay positive.