Burger King: An Honest Review of the People

A Burger King establishment

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A Burger King establishment

Dominic Smith, Writer

Founded in 1953, Burger King has climbed the international ladder to claim a top spot among popular fast food chains. Ever since the golden age of Burger King in the 1970s, the company has continued to strive to stay at the top of the advertising, and continues to expand demographic targeting. Their ever-expanding menu contains classics like The Whopper, The Double Whopper, the BBQ Bacon Whopper, The Whopper Jr., the Bacon and Cheese Whopper, and the Hamburger. Of course Burger King has more than just burgers, they have plenty of other delicious treats. Want breakfast? Then be sure to purchase the Fully Loaded Biscuit or the Egg-Normous Burrito. Want something cheap? Then go ahead and get a Spicy Chicken Jr. or a Bacon Double Cheese Burger. Want to buy something healthy from a place you really shouldn’t? Purchase the Chicken Garden Salad or the MorningStar Veggie Burger. There is something for everyone when you dine with the King.

Madison Dodger Online (MDO) interviewed three students from MHS, Lunk Hardly (LH), Dylan Peifer (DP), and Matthew Vaughn (MV) to see what their thoughts were regarding Burger King. One of these students wished to be anonymous, so that student will be listed as Lunk Hardly.


MDO: What drew you to Burger King?

LH: nothing, I hate it. I went as a joke. Why would you go to the BK when Five Guys is right down the road.

DP: the slides and play area because I was a child.

MV: I’ve been going there as long as I remember. I cannot remember a time I was not drawn to it. It can be compared to a human instinct to be drawn to the Burger King.


MDO: What is your favorite food at Burger King?

LH: The 10 piece nuggets

DP: Chicken fingers

MV: The fact that Burger King sells 10 piece nuggets for $1.49 is f**ked up.


MDO: What makes Burger King different from other Fast Food restaurants?

LH: How bad it is. How dense the food is.

MV: 10 piece for $1.49 and Burger King has a welcoming vibe. I have a lot of good memories there.

DP: Not much, I don’t know, lol


MDO: Do you like or dislike BK and why?

LH: Dislike because you hurt after every trip. It’s never worth it to go out of your way.

DP: I just recently found out that BK removed their slide. This both angers and disappoints me. One could go as far as to proclaim that I now hold ambivalent feelings towards their establishment here in Madison NJ. Despite this, I still have a positive stance towards BK as a whole because one time when I had their nuggets, they were pretty good.

MV: I’m dropping the bit. This is all genuine seriousness. Some of the thing I’ve said before we’re just in good fun, and not actually a true representation of my true character. I’m gonna say this right now, you ask me to go anywhere in town, I’m gonna say Burger King. $1.49 nuggets for a 10 piece is just such an absurdly good deal, I cannot pass up under any circumstance. I don’t care what the community will say… I just think… this is just… it cannot be described. Thank you.

So says the voice of the people. Those final remarks from Matthew Vaughn were a truly emotional. However, not all share such positive feelings toward Burger King. Such people, like Mr. Hardly, feel that the fast food restaurant is a blight on these good Madison streets, and that the establishment is nothing but trouble. However, whatever your stance is towards the controversial restraint, one cannot deny the emotional waves that Burger King has made in this town. With such different sides being taken over this controversial topic, you can truly see the divide in this country. Perhaps, more people just need to travel to Burger King and create their own opinions on the restaurant. Overall, I believe that those brave men and women that take to the BK will find their true thoughts in their emotional exodus, and perhaps, they’ll find something more along the way.