“Best Korea’s” Best Missile

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North Korea’s Ballistic Missile on North Korea Victory Day (2013)

North Korea, known there as Best Korea, has been a thorn in the side of the world for years. They make occasional missile tests and threats, but recently, the North has stepped up their game. North Korea says that they have their hands on a hydrogen bomb, which is one of the deadliest weapons ever created. This is their biggest and most threatening test yet. According to an article from CBS News, “North Korea’s most recent nuclear test produced an explosion almost ten times larger than the bomb dropped over Hiroshima in 1945.”

Along with the test came more pain and suffering for the brainwashed populace of North Korea. The blast released a 6.3 tremor that could even be felt in China. Along with the tremor, the New York Post reports, “North Korea’s detonation of a nuclear bomb apparently triggered several landslides.” North Korea stated that the missile test was used to test the, “accuracy and credibility”(Washington Post) of using this new device on an ICBM. This is another missile that North Korea tested which showed that it could theoretically reach Denver or Chicago.

President Trump was displeased with these Nuclear tests, and gave an ominous threat of, “fire and fury” to North Korea, adding that the United States was, “locked and loaded.”  According to CBS news, when President Trump was asked about the nuclear tests he stated that military action is “not our first choice.” President Trump also stated that, “We’ll see whether or not he could do it.” The nuclear test also ended up leading to a deal being made between South Korea and the United States which allowed South Korea to increase the power of their missiles, and allowed South Korea to purchase billions more in American weapons. The United States is also in the process of installing new missile launchers in South Korea in their missile defense system. The Terminal High Altitude Defense system, THAAD, is somewhat controversial in the region as some have stated that it only increases tensions between the North and the South. President Trump has also question South Korea’s current stance by saying, “appeasement with North Korea will not work,” which suggests a more intense military approach.

The three main powers leading to combat this threat are South Korea, Japan, and America. However, the country that seems to have the greatest hold on North Korea is China. China is the current focus for dealing with North Korea. According to The Washington Post, “about 90 percent of North Korean trade goes through China.” While China has condemned some of North Korea’s actions, they are hesitant to do anything serious. All of the latest bans rely on China, however, China is hesitant to conform. They do not want an unstable border next to a megalomaniac with his finger close to the button. However, if China remains hesitant in taking action against North Korea, it is unsure how long this tyrant will stay in power.