The Hours Leading up to Prom

Catherine Crowley

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Bridget Crowley

Best friends, Isobel Dagon and Catherine Crowley, all done up for their prom

It’s the morning of prom at Madison and all any senior girl can think of is whether their hair and makeup will turn out the way they want it to. All seniors must come to school for the classes before lunch in order for it to count as a school day and then they’re able to sign out to do whatever they need to do to prepare themselves for the big night.

Usually hair comes first in the preparation process. Depending on what your dress looks like and if the back is open or not helps to decide whether your hair should be worn up or down. In my case, my dress had an open back so I asked the hairdresser for an up-do in a messy ponytail. Up do’s are very popular but often easily messed up. The worst case scenario for a girl on her prom would be for her hair to turn out not what she expected at all, which is not that uncommon. After about 45 minutes of sitting and having almost a gallon of hairspray being sprayed in your hair, you’re finally ready for your makeup.

Now, makeup is definitely not a hard thing to mess up. The most common remark from girls who dislikes her makeup is that it’s “too much”. As senior Julia Grant put it the day of prom, “I hate my makeup… I look like a drag queen”. Julia simply wiped off some of her makeup, however, and of course ended up looking absolutely gorgeous. The best thing to say to your makeup artist before she begins is, “Just make it look natural”, because in that case you really can’t go wrong. As you sit there, all you can think about is, “What is she doing on my eyes? Do i look bad? I wonder if she’s gonna make me look too tan”. All these thoughts rush through your head until the final moment of truth when the makeup is revealed. The suspense builds up as you look in that mirror to hopefully love what you see.

Finally, your hair is done, your makeup is done and you head home to finally put on your dress, shoes and your jewelry. All the nerves start to build up when you realize you’re completely ready to go and the prom festivities are officially beginning!


Madison Dodger Online hopes everyone had a great time at prom and wishes all the seniors the best luck with graduation and beyond!