Senioritis 2017

Cara Smith

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Cara Smith

Senior Maggie Smith sleeping instead of studying


There is a disease that runs rampant through every senior class at Madison High School. “senioritis”, is what the disease is called by many students, parents, and teachers in the MHS community. The negative effects of senioritis include impairing seniors to the point of not caring about their grades, losing motivation, and becoming generally lazier. MDO decided to investigate the opinions of students and teachers on the so called “senioritis” and whether it is justifiable.  


Abigail Schreier, one of MHS’ seniors, claims that senioritis is justified “because [seniors] have been working so hard all year to get into college and once they achieve that goal, they deserve a break.” Another senior at MHS, Maggie Smith, agrees with Abigail by saying “If you get senioritis in the fall of senior year or anytime before you get into college it is probably not justified. However, after you have gotten into college or after AP tests then it is completely justified.”  


Although some seniors believe that slacking off after college acceptances should be justified, most senior teachers do not agree. For example, Mrs. Papa-O’brian who teaches calculus to mostly seniors, said that “it can sometimes be annoying to teach seniors. Although I understand their desire to want to let loose a bit after working hard for three and a half years, it is frustrating as a teacher when none of your students are motivated.”
Whether or not you agree that senioritis is an acceptable excuse for seniors to slack off, it is almost guaranteed that it will affect the students at Madison High School. Hopefully parents and teachers of seniors will be patient with students during this period of high school.