Student Swipe Cards?


Swipe Card Access Log.

Nikki Taylo, Writer

Is there a possibility of having student swipe cards to enter the school? Maybe in the future. There are already swipe cards to get into the school, but these are only available for teachers and their lives are already getting easier from these convenient cards. They can swipe in at any door that has the intercom/access device. Some students have said that they think that swipe cards would be good for students as well, especially seniors who can leave for lunch and senior privilege. Senior Jake Nittolo remarked, “It would make it easier for the students to choose which door they came in and the secretaries wouldn’t have to deal with buzzing students in all the time. Also fewer students would be late because more doors would be accessible, not just the front door.” Jake brings up many good points. But there would also be some downsides: Mr. John LaPierre adds, “What if the students lose their card? We would always have to replace them. And would the system shut down at some point so students weren’t going in the school late at night?” There are so many questions that would have to be answered before we even think about expanding this system to the student body.

Ocean City High School has a similar system that they started at the beginning of the school year. The students are required to scan in for an electronic attendance and if they forget their card, there are two other stations in the school where they can check in. Mrs. Bernsten and Mrs. Turvey both believe that we are trying to create a whole new system where the students swipe their cards in the office in the morning to solely take attendance, not to get inside the school, but things could change. This way, Mrs. O’Connor would not have to enter the attendance herself in the morning.

Swipe cards should be utilized in our school. Madison High School is trying to expand our technology and getting swipe cards is a good way to promote what we are trying to do. They should not be utilized just for attendance in the morning, but also for students (especially seniors) to get inside the building during lunch and senior privilege. There are obviously a lot of questions that need to be answered before we take action on these swipe cards, but once all is figured out, this could be a positive addition to MHS.