Muelling Over Life in Retirement


Mr. Mueller photographs Madison v. Butler Football game.

Libby Johnson, Social Media Editor/Writer

This past June, MHS’s Mr. Mueller finally retired after a long career of teaching history and psychology. Contrary to the retirement stereotype, he has not been sitting at home in Hawaiian shirts. He has traveled to California, Michigan, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and even has written a DBQ. In a couple of days, he will leave for Europe.

Regardless, retirement has been an adjustment. “I miss the interaction with students, the discussions, the presenting the materials,” Mr. Mueller commented. “I go to the YMCA now and talk with a lot of people, but it just isn’t the same.”

There are, however, some things that he does not miss. “I don’t miss planning and trying to catch one period up with another because one dropped,” he remarked. “And I do not miss meetings!”

Any students who miss Mr. Mueller, have no fear. You will get your fix. Starting in January, he will be a substitute teacher. His recent visit to the football game also shows that he plans to come to more of events to take pictures. Most importantly, he revealed that he will be chaperoning Harvard Model Congress and prom, if he is invited.