Donald Sterling: Racist Owner of the Year


Donald Sterling

Matt Sokol, Writer

Just last week, an audio recording of Clipper’s notoriously racist owner Donald Sterling was released to the public. In the recording, which featured an argument between Sterling and his girlfriend Vanessa Stiviano, Sterling produced several outlandish statements aimed against American minorities. Those listening to the recording could hear what appeared to be the voice of Sterling demand that Stiviano remove all pictures of her on Instagram that involved other black individuals. Sterling also stated that he did not want African- Americans such as basketball superstar Magic Johnson attending his team’s basketball games.

This is unfortunately not the first time Sterling has been caught expressing his unpopular beliefs in the public eye. In 2009, Sterling came under fire when he refused to rent apartment to blacks, Latinos, or families with children. This case of racial discrimination was later settled when Sterling paid $2.73 million dollars.

As of yet, no official punishment ahs been put in place for Sterling. Despite this, sponsors such as CarMax have begun to discontinue their funding towards the team. Players have also chosen to wear warm up jerseys without the Clipper’s logo in protest towards Sterling’s remarks.