MHS’s Own Fantasy Track League


Fantasy Track Recap

Libby Johnson, Writer

Fantasy teams are a common phenomenon for major league sports, but senior Patrick Hanley has decided to create a league for MHS’s Boys Track team. “It seemed like it would be a fun way to get the team closer together and motivate our athletes,” Hanley stated. There are currently 36 teams in the league owned not exclusively by track athletes or Madison HS students.

The fantasy teams are comprised of ten athletes. To make the teams fairer, each team only had 100 fake dollars to spend. Athletes that had scored more points in past seasons cost more than other athletes. The athletes score points based on how many races they compete in and the place in which they finish their races.

Matt Mutone, in addition to being the top scorer, also has the team with the most points. Sean Lyons, a student from Morristown High School, is bringing up the rear with last place. Commissioner Hanley notes, “My favorite part is seeing the competition between managers.” There are plenty of disputes over which teams are winning.


Possibly the most entertaining parts of the league are the Fantasy Track Rewinds. Hosted by Matt Sweeney, the Boy’s Tennis team captain, these videos outline the results of the week, including tips for who to pick up and who to drop. The videos also include witty jokes and special effects. Fantasy Track also has a twitter account, which posts pictures and results about the league.

Follow the league’s happenings on twitter: @fantasydodger