Madison’s Very own Volunteers: Daniel Iskandar


Georgia Turvey, Writer

Madison High School is a school dedicated to the service of others. During our volunteer assembly this past Friday, we saw members of our student body who have achieved gold awards for service by completing at least 100 hours in the past school year, but for much of the year their work goes largely unnoticed. In an interview with Daniel Iskandar (DI), a gold award winner this year, he discussed the service he has done throughout his high school career with Madison Dodger Online (MDO).

MDO: What volunteer work do you do?

DI: I volunteer at the Morristown Medical Center. I have been volunteering since my sophomore year of high school. I started because my sister had done it so I knew it was an interesting opportunity.

MDO: What are your responsibilities at the hospital?

DI: I am a courier and I am responsible for delivering items from one area of the hospital to another. We deal with lots of different sorts of jobs, from medical records to blood.

MDO: What has been the most rewarding part of your experience?

DI: I think the biggest benefit of volunteering is learning to do something new and interacting with people in a beneficial way.

MDO: What would you say to other students looking to get involved?

DI: I think looking for a unique opportunity is a great way to get involved with the community and make new friends.

For students looking to be eligible for volunteer awards in the future, forms are available on the community service section of our school website and should be submitted to Mrs. Prill.