SNAP Comes to MHS


Quinn Hurley, Writer

The Volunteer Fair for the Day of Service took place today, April 25th, and there are many new service projects to choose from this year. One of the new projects for the upcoming 2014 Service Day is the Special Needs Athletic Program (SNAP) project, started by MHS juniors Laney R. (LR) and Paige Jacqmin (PJ). SNAP has revolutionized special needs programs and has given great joy to hundreds of kids all over Morris County. Started in 2006, SNAP has given special needs children the chance to participate in a variety of sports.

Madison Dodger Online (MDO) interviewed Laney and Paige to discover more about the project.

MDO: Why did you bring the service project to MHS?

PJ: We brought the service project to MHS because we are trying to spread the word about SNAP. It is a great program that benefits both the kids who run it and the kids who are in it.

LR: More importantly though, the kids love SNAP and with programs coming to an end for the summer, the day of service is just another great opportunity for the kids to have fun and play sports together.

MDO: What does the service project consist of?

LR: For our project, a group of ten MHS students will be traveling to Central Avenue School to play sports and other games with a special education class.

PJ: We will probably go over and play basketball and kickball for a couple hours.

MDO: What do you like most about SNAP?

LR:  I love seeing how happy the kids are when we play with them. The program is just an hour every Wednesday night, but in that short amount of time we can really raise their spirits and confidence.

PJ: SNAP is my favorite part of the week. It puts everyone in such a good mood. It is amazing just to see how happy the kids get when they score a basket or get a hit in baseball. The kids love SNAP and so do we.

MDO: Want to add anything to inform anyone wanting to choose this service project?

PJ: SNAP is a great experience and I think it is something that everyone should try. Whether it be doing the service project, or going to the actual sports clinics, it will definitely put a smile on your face.

LR:  All the kids are so sweet, and it is so much fun just playing with them and talking with them. They really do look up to us and it is such a rewarding experience for both the participants and the mentors.