MHS Talent Show Coming Soon!


Microphone on stage

Chloe Schorr, Writer

Madison High School’s annual Talent Show is coming up, and the student body is buzzing with excitement. The highly anticipated event has always been well attended and the same is expected for this year. With tickets at $10, the senior class hopes to raise about $4,000 as one of their last fundraisers for the end of the year events. Typically, senior girls make t-shirts and a majority of the senior class is in attendance to support their last ever talent show at MHS. The MDO encourages students to buy tickets and show support for the talented performers.The Dodger’s own Jane Collins, accompanied by Adin Makowsky, Tiffany Cecere, and William Mottola will be emceeing the show. Madison takes its own spin on the classic talent show with humorous intro videos and jokes thrown in between acts. Segments such as “Know Your Stars,” and the look-a-like slideshow have been in past shows, but emcee Jane Collins says “we kept some of the classic staples, and created new ones to put our own spin on the show.”The 8 acts consist of 2 band performances, a piano performance, and 5 singing acts all chosen by the talent seeking eyes and ears of Coach Lynott. Living up to last year’s standards is definitely going to be a challenge, with acts that ensued goosebumps and knee slaps to everyone in the audience. The best of many auditioning acts were chosen and are sure to put on a great show.