Brothers, Not Band Mates: Jonas Brothers Split

Jane Collins, Co-Editor-In-Chief

After 8 years of being band mates, the Jonas Brothers have announced their breakup. The band members, natives of Wyckoff, NJ, have separated “for now,” according to the brothers Kevin, Joe, and Nick.

The band formed officially in 2005, evolving from a Christian rock band to a mainstream pop band, their faces plastered on the covers of teen magazines Tiger Beat and J-14 for years. They starred in Disney’s show “Jonas L.A.” as well as the two “Camp Rock” movies. They each explored their own interests for a few years recently, with Nick making an album with his own band, Joe going solo, and Kevin starring in the reality show “Married to Jonas.” They have never formally broken up, however, until Tuesday, October 29th.

Nick emphasized that this may not be a permanent split, after all they’ll always be brothers, and “It’s really hard to say ‘forever’.”

Nearly a week later, Nick performed his first solo show post-split, tweeting the message “I hope the people that feel the need to attack others can find whatever peace they are clearly so desperately searching for. #loveinstead. I have apart of my life are there for a reason, and mean the world to me.”