The End is Near


Stevie LaFerriere, writer

Are you getting teary-eyed over the end of the school year yet? Are you sitting on the edge of your seat? Did you even know the final days were upon us? My Android has a countdown titled Libertad and its original fifty-seven days have become eleven. The end of the school year is less than two weeks away. Today is our last A-Day, tomorrow will be our last B-Day, the day after will be our last C-Day, and Friday will be our last D-Day. Friday will also be the last full day of school before this summer. To be honest, if I go on much longer, I’m going to start getting sentimental.

If you’re a freshman, you should be stoked. Two weeks from now, a freshman you will be no more!

If you’re a sophomore, you should feel relieved. This was your first tough year. And it’s almost done. If you haven’t already, put your head to the grindstone and prepare to finish strong. Enjoy your summer. Next year waits.

If you’re a junior, you’re probably ecstatic. Your working days are essentially behind you. The college application process has begun. Summer is around the corner, senior privilege is to follow, and then your official “senioritis” license will be signed when you receive an acceptance letter. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

If you’re a senior, I expect you’re either pumped up or choked up. Your days at Madison are numbered. Cry your heart out to College Humor’s classic, the “Realistic Graduation Song.” Hug your buddies. Thank your teachers. The world is your oyster; carpe diem and Aloha Oe.