Yoga and Pilates to Join P.E.

Yoga and Pilates to Join P.E.

Emily Fritze, Writer

For years the world has loved yoga and pilates and now, through our gym classes, MHS students may get to also. Yoga and pilates are everywhere today, both in formal classes and instructional videos online. Many people are drawn to Pilates and yoga because of the health benefits they bring to every person who tries them. According to yoga and Pilates aid in flexibility, strength, and mental peace. With these benefits in place it is no surprise that MHS is considering involving the two practices to the P.E. program

The Madison Dodger Online sat down to chat with Ms. Calabrese about the addition to our school’s P.E. options

Madison Dodger Online: Is there any chance that Yoga and Pilates will be introduced into our gym classes?


Ms. Calabrese: Yeah, it’s going to be apart of the elective program for students.


MDO: would you be teaching it, another teacher, or a video?


Ms. Calabrese: I’ll teach it, with the assistance of a yoga instruction book which identifies various muscle groups that are targeted through the different poses, in addition to a yoga DVD.


MDO: What, would you say, are the benefits of yoga and Pilates?


Ms. Calabrese: It helps with flexibility and mobility that can be translated to helping individuals live a better quality of life. It can also help students who participate in sports after school and help them relieve stress.


MDO: What made the P.E. department consider introducing it?


Ms. Calabrese: We are looking to incorporate more fitness components into the P.E. curriculum and offer activities that students can engage in throughout their lifetime.


MDO: Any other thoughts you have?


Ms. Calabrese: I’m very excited about introducing this to our students.


So get out your mats because Yoga and Pilates are coming to MHS!