Madison Cracks Down on Underage Drinking


Tori Pederson, Writer

Madison has officially put a ban on underage drinking in homes. The police have begun to crack down on underage drinking in Madison, creating new punishments for those caught. This includes fines and possible license suspension. This new law will make it illegal for underage people to drink, even in their own homes. The only exception that this law will make is if the person drinking has permission from a parent or guardian who is at least 21 years old. The law calls for a $250 fine for first offenses, and the fine increases if the offenses increase.

In New Jersey, underage drinking is strictly prohibited. A person in New Jersey must be 21 years old to purchase and consume alcohol. The ability to sell and serve alcohol, waiters or bartenders, is only legal for someone age eighteen and up. For some misdemeanors, underage drinking can land someone in jail for up to six months. Those who illegally serve alcohol to minors will deal with the same punishments, but will not have their license taken away.

Madison’s crackdown of alcohol consumption is decently unique. Florham Park also has the same law. It still can somewhat help lower the dangers of underage drinking, especially aimed at Drew University and Madison High School students. This law will contain the alcohol consumption of minors, lowering DUI’s and injuries due to the consumption of alcohol.