Clothes? What Clothes?

Celeste Post, A&E Editor

All right class of 2013, where is it? How much do you want? Why is it hiding? You know what I’m talking about: senior apparel. It’s nowhere to be found. Countless classmates, along with myself, have been looking under binders, in the nurses office and in the main office, but no one knows where to find senior apparel! This leaves me with one question: where is your spirit 2013?!

Ordering senior apparel pumps up every year’s senior class for graduation. The apparel has slogans and sayings affiliated with that year’s graduating class printed on them. This year shouldn’t be any different! It’s part of school spirit.

You may ask, what is senior apparel? It is apparel separate from the usual class apparel designed by the senior class. Some senior classes get sweatshirts and sweatpants, such as the class of 2010 did, some do shirts and pinnies, others do jackets.

Us? Well as of right now, the class of 2013 has zilch.  Even Chatham has senior apparel, personalized with inside jokes and everything. Are we really going to let Chatham beat us out MHS?

Let’s find our school spirit and figure this out. Get a discussion going, comment below or hop on facebook to get this started! Time is running out.