Senioritis: An Epidemic of Epic Proportions

Celeste Post, A&E Editor

As winter thaws so does our concentration. An epidemic inevitably takes over Madison High School every year. It’s known as senioritis! If you notice yourself slacking in class and homework due tomorrow is suddenly “do tomorrow,” then you are displaying the early symptoms of senioritis. This happens every year to seniors as they near the end of their careers at MHS, and as AP testing and college acceptances come and go, you will undoubtedly notice the sudden drop of productivity in our senior class.

Those underclassmen who joke about “having senioritis since freshman year” will get an all new meaning to the term as we approach graduation. Already I am experiencing first hand the early stages of senioritis. I find it hard to get homework and assignments done on time, and many times find myself scrambling the period before class trying to finish the assignment. I am not alone. “It’s really hard to get work done,” one fellow senior comments, “Sometimes I want to go out with friends than do my homework….so I do.”

As the stages of senioritis increase, you will notice a few things. Free Movie Tuesday, offered by Clearview Cinemas to Optimum card holders, will pick up an almost religious like following, the theaters filled with more high school seniors than anyone else. As our senior festivities approach a giddiness will take over the  halls and our attention spans will shorten even more. I mean, who can pay attention the week leading up to the senior talent show? It’s nearly impossible.

Much to the dismay of our teachers, I can diagnose senioritis as an epidemic of epic proportions with no cure in sight. Other than graduation, of course. Some teachers embrace senioritis and try to work with the students as best they can, while others watch their students suffer.

There’s no escape from this disease. To my fellow seniors I say this: do the best you can, but know that it’s inevitable and as someone with personal experience, it’s really not that bad.