SmashBurger Success


Emily Fritze, Writer

Last Tuesday, March 19th, Project Aware held a fundraiser at SmashBurger. The fundraiser was held from 5 PM to 9 PM at SmashBurger where students could go buy dinner and, if the student showed a Project Aware flyer or a digital flyer on his or her phone, 20% of the price of their meal would be given to the club. The goal of the fundraiser, besides giving students an excuse to buy a good burger, was to raise money for a compost system at the school.

The compost will take waste that can be decomposed and replant it into the earth instead of wasting it by throwing it away. Chatham High School has one by Introm, and it is the ultimate goal of both Project Aware and the MGS Student Council to raise enough money, which the state will then match, to get an Introm compost.

The results of the fundraiser were tremendous, raising a significant amount of money in one night alone. “It was crazy,” said Project Aware member Kiely Duffy, “When I went the line was in the parking lot.” The Project Aware team publicized the event by making flyers, announcements, and a group on Facebook. The number of flyers were limited however, because even while they raise money for a compost, they still want to save trees, which they did by having digital flyers students could bring to SmashBurger to get their discount. The SmashBurger fundraiser was just one part of what will be a continued effort to raise enough money for the compost.