Prom with the Stars


Audrey Rowland, Writer

Everyone wants the perfect prom experience, from the dress to the flowers to the date. But while most seniors keep to the nearby area for their dates, others look to the stars. “It was a spontaneous decision,” senior Becca Johnson noted regarding her experience asking the lead singer of Timeflies to prom. “I figured it was worth a try because he’s not that famous and he might actually go with me,” she added.

Jake Davidson, who recently asked model Kate Upton to his senior prom, will, like Becca, have to find another date. Although the model is too busy to attend the dance, Jake tweeted that her “just responding made his year.” Like Kate Upton, Taylor Swift recently had to miss prom due to scheduling conflicts; to make up for it, she invited 18-year-old Kevin McGuire to the Academy of Country Music Awards show. Even the “First Dog,” Bo Obama, has been asked to prom, although it is not known whether he will be able to accompany Ramona, a Golden Doodle from the Oregon Humane Center.

“Even though he didn’t say yes, I’m still glad I did it,” Becca commented, looking back. “He acknowledged me from the stage, so I was fan-girling out.” For celebrity prom invitations, acknowledgment is the goal, more so than an improbable yes.