Not Over for Overalls?

Celeste Post, A&E Editor

Madison High School is its own myriad of fashion — from hipster style with lace stockings and combat boots, to the latest Lucky brand jeans and boots. MHS undoubtedly has a style all it’s own. I have no doubt there will be some brave souls sporting the newest summer trend this spring.

Overalls — those slouchy, shapeless denim dungaree suits our parents forced us into. They were a trend of the 90’s generation and seem to be popular with babies and toddlers. But, it appears overalls are coming back into style…in high fashion!

3.1 Phillip Lim, a trend-setting brand held in high esteem in the fashion community, sent multiple pairs of overalls to the runways. It seems they’re popping up everywhere. They come in all styles, from slim, form fitting Capri cut, worn over a tube top, to loose fitting skinny jean cut tucked into boots. And then there’s the classic slouchy straight leg.

Stars and designers encourage people to be creative with their overalls. Wear them over a tube top, over nothing, a t-shirt or a baby doll top. Stars such as Miley Cyrus and Kristin Chenoweth are in full support, and adviser pairing the slim fitting Capri cut with a pair of pumps for some height and a cute summery look.

Other stars and designers such as Nicky Hilton and Philllip Bloch say the style is better left buried in the 90’s on reruns of Full House. However, the arguments supporting the once-hated look surprisingly outnumber those in favor of it staying dead.

In my own opinion, if worn the correct way in the correct situation, overalls can be really cute! Imagine a cute pair of light blue denim overalls, Capri cut to taper and end at the ankle, over a white tube top and a pair of cute wedge heals. I know it sounds odd, but put together it really could be quite cute! Comment below and tell us what you think! Do you think this new trend will take over the halls of MHS? Or do you think it’ll go the way of the wooly mammoth, and stay buried in the past?