Happy Holidays!


Emily Fritze, Writer

It’s that time again. A week until Christmas, and that means Christmas cookies, the smell of pine trees, and presents: Presents that can be so hard to find for that one tricky person. Hopefully this  last minute guide will help you find that perfect gift for the person you may have otherwise bought socks for.


Moms: Every mother wants to know that she is loved by her kids, so a thoughtful personal gift is the perfect way to remind her how much you care. You could try making her a picture album of you and your family, buying her a book about her favorite place, or making a do it yourself craft. (Try Pintrest.com for oodles of crafts that any mother would love.)

Dads: Inside every father is still a little kid, and with work and all the responsibilities of running a household, most don’t have time to embrace that side of themselves. That’s why good gifts for dads are ones that surround hobbies that he used to have when he was young. A new compass, a fishing poll, or drum sticks will remind him that at heart he is still a kid. (Try an outdoors store, like Blue Ridge Mountain Sports in town)

Sisters:  Unlike parents who like to be reminded of their youth, and how much you love them, most sisters simply want gifts that they will use and enjoy. Look at the things she likes and try and base a gift off of them.

Younger Sister:  If you have a younger sister, try and think about the things that you used to like to do when you were little, or things that you wish were still acceptable to play with. Crayola is always coming up with new products that are super cool, fuzzy animal slippers will never go out of style for kids, and framing a piece of art that they art that they made will make them feel happy and proud.


Older Sister:  For sisters that are older clothes is often the best way to go. Try and find unique clothes and accessories that you couldn’t just pick up any place you go. You could try thrift stores, Romwe.com, or even make you own key necklace by taking an old key and painting it a fun color. If she has moved out, or she is heading to college, gifts for her place are always nice too. You can go to urbanoutfitters.com under apartment for funny and cute house gifts for her, and making a collage of fun pictures of your memories together is always a good moving away gift.

Brothers: Brothers like to have fun, so draw off of that when you’re searching for the best gift for him.

Younger Brother: What little guy doesn’t love to run around and have fun? A gift that will make his fun even more exciting is one that he wont be able to thank you enough for. Think water guns, inflatable sharks (Fab.com), and carpet slides.

Older Brother: Three things you can’t go wrong with? Technology, music, and food. Buying him his favorite bands new CD, the newest iPhone gadget, or even a gift card to his favorite food place will be sure to make him happy.


When it comes down to it, all anyone wants is a gift that is meaningful from you to them. So if you try and think about who they are and match their personality to agift, you’ll get it right every time.