Robotics Update: Lost One Meet, Still Planning for States


Kyle L, Writer

It’s competition time again for Madison High School’s Robotics team. Since our last update, the robot has undergone many changes. The claws, once mounted straight to chassis with one point of rotation, have gained arms and elbows so that they can reach the highest pegs of the tic-tac-toe challenge. The chassis, once on a square base, has been remodeled to an H-shape so that a new front wall can protect the arms. The claws have been re-geared to open and close faster.

Following a modest performance in an MHS-hosted meet a few weeks ago, Mad Science is planning on competing in the upcoming qualifier in Livingston. Though they may have already qualified for the state championships because of their performance in this year’s meets, it is always good to compete with other teams to see what works, what doesn’t, and what can be fixed or improved upon.

Based on the meets we’ve attended so far, Madison is one of the more advanced teams in the state. While some other teams such as the Columbia High School Cougars are extremely efficient at scoring on single pegs, Madison’s design allows the team to theoretically score on two pegs simultaneously, which would help with obtaining “line bonuses”, a point bonus awarded when three pegs are scored on a row. Good luck, Madison!